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Exciting Times At ONE Financial

September 26, 2005

These are exciting days at ONE Financial, Canada's leading innovator of structured financial products. We are currently launching Canada's Only Family of guaranteed linked notes - perhaps the most exciting investment product to emerge in the past decade - and introducing a completely new web site with a look and feel that reflects our position: "Wealth Through Innovation."

Canada's Only Family of Guaranteed Linked Notes

The launch of our Profit Lock-In™ and Profit Lock-In & Cashflow Notes™ offer Canadian investors a level of flexibility, security and performance potential that has never been available before. Through automatic daily profit lock-in, not only do they protect 100% of your invested capital, but also all of the growth your investments achieve. And, since they are a family, you have the freedom to switch between the 10 Notes in response to changing market conditions or personal investment objectives. Additionally, with the ability to draw on borrowing facilities, the Notes can provide up to 2x exposure to the underlying investments, giving you the potential for significantly enhanced returns.

Our New Web Site

Please take a few minutes to explore our new web site. Apart from its compelling, contemporary look, it also holds a trove of valuable information. Beyond the basics of who ONE Financial is and what our products look like, you can access valuable information on structured products in general and how they can be an important addition to your investment portfolio.

We are committed to keeping this site current and informative, with new material being added on a regular basis. Make sure to visit us frequently. We will work hard to impress you, provide you with real value, and earn our place in your portfolio.


Jeffrey O'Brien
President and CEO
ONE Financial Corporation